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Technical reports on archaeological impact and implications

Historical or archaeological studies of buildings, preparation of all types of technical projects, inventories of heritage elements in municipalities and preparation of archaeological maps, cataloguing of archaeological materials, virtual cataloguing of archaeological objects: we adapt to your needs.

For the correct interpretation and, if necessary, the correct restoration or architectural adaptation of a historical building or archaeological site, it is essential to carry out a vertical archaeological study, as part of what is known as an overall archaeological study, in which the various structures and elements that make up the current building or site are analysed according to historical and archaeological criteria. This analysis must make it possible to interpret the evolution of the structure, the reforms carried out, the various phases of construction, and also to identify the parts or elements which, because of their characteristics or their chronology, are considered to be the most important for its conservation. The study should include, if necessary, the drilling of holes in the walls to allow the observation of the tools and their typology.

The historical planimetry of the building can also be carried out by a draughtsman under the supervision of a technical director, who must be able to provide a correct documentation of the complex, a representation of the various phases of construction and, if necessary, a detailed graphic representation (elevations and plans) of the elements or parts considered to be of most historical interest. The whole task must be complemented by an archival search for historical documentation on the building, which is essential for the correct historical interpretation of the heritage elements associated with each of its phases.

Technical reports on archaeological impact and affectation

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